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port settlement, metropolitan city of South Korea, city, tourist attraction, metropolis
Part ofGyeongsang Nwọ́che
Native label부산 Nwọ́che
DemonymPusanano, 부산시민 Nwọ́che
ContinentAsia Nwọ́che
CountrySouth Korea Nwọ́che
CapitalYeonje District Nwọ́che
Located in the administrative territorial entitySouth Korea Nwọ́che
Located in time zoneUTC+09:00 Nwọ́che
LocationBusan–Gyeongnam Area Nwọ́che
Located in or next to body of waterTsushima Strait, Port of Busan Nwọ́che
Coordinate location35°10′48″N 129°4′30″E Nwọ́che
Office held by head of governmentMayor of Busan Nwọ́che
Executive bodyBusan Metropolitan Government Nwọ́che
Legislative bodyBusan municipal council Nwọ́che
Member ofCreative Cities Network, World Tourism Cities Federation Nwọ́che
Owner ofBusan Gudeok Stadium, Sajik Baseball Stadium Nwọ́che
Shares border withUlsan, South Gyeongsang Nwọ́che
Significant eventBattle of Dadaejin Nwọ́che
Postal code46000, 619–963, 49599 Nwọ́che
Official websitehttp://www.busan.go.kr Nwọ́che
HashtagBusan, 부산 Nwọ́che
Official symbolCamellia japonica, Camellia japonica, Common Gull Nwọ́che
Local dialing code51 Nwọ́che
Category for honorary citizens of entityCategory:Honorary citizens of Busan Nwọ́che
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Busan Nwọ́che

Pusan (부산광역시) ché ñwu ké gbí é South Korea.