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Special City of Korea, big city, city, megacity, metropolis, largest city
Inception6 ochu ekefa 1395 Nwọ́che
Pseudonym首爾 Nwọ́che
Official name서울특별시 Nwọ́che
Native label서울 Nwọ́che
IPA transcriptionsʰʌul Nwọ́che
Named aftercapital city Nwọ́che
Demonym서울 시민, Seoulite, Séoulien, Séoulienne, Seulano Nwọ́che
Official languageKorean Nwọ́che
ContinentAsia Nwọ́che
CountrySouth Korea Nwọ́che
Capital ofSouth Korea Nwọ́che
CapitalJung District Nwọ́che
Located in the administrative territorial entitySouth Korea Nwọ́che
Located in time zoneUTC+09:00 Nwọ́che
LocationSeoul Capital Area Nwọ́che
Enclave withinGyeonggi Nwọ́che
Coordinate location37°33′36″N 126°59′24″E Nwọ́che
Office held by head of governmentMayor of Seoul Nwọ́che
Head of governmentOh Se-hoon Nwọ́che
Executive bodySeoul Metropolitan Government Nwọ́che
Legislative bodySeoul municipal council Nwọ́che
Member ofCreative Cities Network, World Tourism Cities Federation Nwọ́che
Shares border withGyeonggi, Incheon Nwọ́che
ReplacesKeijō Nwọ́che
Language usedKorean Nwọ́che
Present in workCivilization V, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cloud Atlas, Colossal Nwọ́che
Official websitehttp://www.seoul.go.kr, http://english.seoul.go.kr/ Nwọ́che
Official blog URLhttps://blog.naver.com/haechiseoul Nwọ́che
Web feed URLhttp://www.seoul.go.kr/main/rss.xml Nwọ́che
HashtagSeoul, 서울 Nwọ́che
Official symbolGinkgo biloba, Forsythia, Eurasian Magpie Nwọ́che
Has characteristicprimate city Nwọ́che
History of topichistory of Seoul, timeline of Seoul Nwọ́che
Related categoryCategory:Seoul-related lists Nwọ́che
Open data portalPublic data for all Seoul citizens Nwọ́che
Economy of topiceconomy of Seoul Nwọ́che
Time of earliest written record4. century BCE Nwọ́che
Category for honorary citizens of entityCategory:Honorary citizens of Seoul Nwọ́che
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Seoul Nwọ́che

Séoul (서울특별시) ché ñwu ké gbí é ñwu alù South Korea.