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Namespaces[nwó étéwn che]


You have done well with translations in translatewiki. Another necessary thing is translating namespaces. If you give them here, I'll do it for you.

See the explanations here:

  1. translatewiki:Translating:MediaWiki#Translating namespace names
  2. translatewiki:Translating:MediaWiki/Basic glossary

Simply reply to this message with the translations, or fill the following table. I have put some guesses that I found in the current translations, but I'm really not sure that they are correct. Please delete the wrong ones and write the correct things.

English name Igala translations
Media Áméwn igò
Special Egwéyí
Talk Úkọ̀lá
User Énéagwu
User talk Úkọ̀lá énéagwu
Wikipedia talk Úkọ̀lá Wikipidiya
File Fáílú
File talk Úkọ̀lá fáílú
MediaWiki MediaWiki
MediaWiki talk Úkọ̀lá MediaWiki
Template Éwn malábó
Template talk Úkọ̀lá éwn malábó
Help Abune
Help talk Úkọ̀lá abune
Category Gbúgbe
Category talk Úkọ̀lá gbúgbe

Thanks! Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 06:16, 27 February 2023 (UTC)

Request for adminship/AgnesAbah[nwó étéwn che]

I will like to request for Igala Wikipeidia Admin rights so that I can contribute more effectively to the development and maintenance of the Igala Wikipedia. My goal is to ensure that the content is accurate, comprehensive, and well-organized, and to support the Igala-speaking community in accessing reliable information..AgnesAbah (talk) 06:16, 17 April 2024 (UTC)

See thisthis. You should request on the local village pump. Apple_TD (úkọ̀lá) 02:52, 18 ochu ekelu 2024 (WAT)[oyí]

Needs to be in Igala[nwó étéwn che]

Not to state the obvious, but the Main Page here should be in Igala, not English. - dcljr (úkọ̀lá) 18:35, 19 ochu ekelu 2024 (WAT)[oyí]